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Site News Archive

An archive of the updates that I have done to this site. News on the home page of the site will be archived every year.


5/4/2022 Began the process of redesigning this website.
1/6/2022 Converted all pages from HTML to PHP to make it easier if I want to modify the website header and footer in the future. Also, added a new page for resources. The resources page will host cool software or other resources that I personally make myself or have permission to host. To begin, there is a download available to get automatic updates working again on Windows XP. I gathered up all the prerequisites and put them into a simple installer for everyone's convenience. You can see more info about it on the resources page.
1/5/2022 Fully updated the computers list page and My Other Sites. Archived the 2021 site news to the Site News Archive.


10/27/2021 Updated the computer list page with a new computer.
9/20/2021 Updated my other sites, to reflect the replacement of Arizonan Roadways Goofs & Fails with AzNate's Roads.
6/28/2021 Updated my custom built pc, Dell Inspiron 3501, and Dell Inspiron 5575 pages to reflect upgrades to Windows 11. Also added a picture of my custom build.
6/15/2021 Added pictures for the Dell Inspiron 5575 to the page and gallery.
6/10/2021 Updated description of Dell XPS M1210 to include my motherboard replacement. Created site news archive page. Added links to pages in the site news.
6/2/2021 Added images to the gallery for the Dell Inspiron 3501. Added links to site news archive and site map.
6/1/2021 Added the Dell Inspiron 3501 to the computer list as well as its own page.
5/27/2021 Photo gallery is now set up! Individual device pages are still being worked on as well as device images for the pages and photo gallery.
5/26/2021 Began work on this site! Created all main pages. Home and photo gallery are still unfinished and will likely be updated soon. Individual device pages in the computer and other device lists will be created soon as well. Finished pages for IBM ThinkPad 560, DIYPC Zondda-O, and Dell Inspiron 5575 (aside from pictures).

Page last updated: 1/13/2023