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Dell XPS M1210

The Dell XPS M1210 is a high-end laptop by Dell in 2006. The M1210 comes with a Centrino Duo/Core Duo CPU, either Intel Integrated graphics or an NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400, and a 12 inch 1280x800 "TrueLife" display. Sadly, my unit has the NVIDIA chip which means it suffers from a faulty graphics chip. To solve this, I have removed the motherboard and replaced it with a refurbished one that should work for a while now.

Manufacturer Dell

Origin USA
Year of unit 2007?
Year of introduction 2006
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel Centrino Duo T5600 @ 1.83 GHz
Drives DVD-RW optical drive
Storage 320 GB HDD
GPU NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400
Display 1280x800 12" display
Operating system Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
I/O - 4x USB 2.0
- Card reader
- Ethernet
- 56kbps modem
- 2x Audio out
- Audio in
- VGA video out
- Firewire
- S-video out
- Expansion card slot

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