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IBM Thinkpad 560

The IBM ThinkPad 560 was designed to be small, light, and compact. The 560 had an Intel Pentium CPU (available in 100, 120 or 133 MHz), 8 MB of on-board RAM expandable with one EDO SIMM module, and no internal floppy nor optical drives. This model was designed to work on battery as long as possible and to be as portable as possible, and engineers succeeded in these goals. It's lighter than most similar ThinkPads and, it works on battery even today. The battery was never replaced in this unit and yet it still works!. Originally new battery lasted for 3-4 hours per one charge, but some companies manufactured extended packs allowing to run 560 for 15 hours. These packs were larger and they made 560 look like a typical laptop of late 1990s, not an ultra-slim notebook.

Manufacturer IBM

Origin USA
Year of unit 1998
Year of introduction 1997
Type Laptop, PC
CPU Intel Pentium 121 @ 121 MHz
Floppy Drive Only external 3.5" 1.44MB.
Hard Disk 5.4 GB IBM Travelstar 4200RPM
GPU Trident Cyber9385-D
Display Super VGA 800x600 256-Colors Passive LCD
Operating system Windows 95
I/O - Serial port
- Parallel port
- VGA video out
- Audio in/out
- IRDA 1.0

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