ASUS Disney Eee PC MK90

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ASUS Disney Eee PC MK90
ASUS logo
ASUS Disney Eee PC MK90
ASUS Disney Eee PC MK90
Product familyEee PC
TypeNetbook laptop
Release dateJune 17, 2009
Introductory price$349
Operating systemWindows XP Home Edition, English
CPUIntel Atom N270 @ 1.6 GHz
Memory1 GB (DDR2 400 MHz)
Display8.9 in (23 cm) 1024x600
GraphicsIntel GMA 950
Connectivity3 USB 2.0, 1 VGA, 2 Audio jacks, 1 MMC/SD/SDHC card slot

So, for whatever reason in 2009, ASUS decided to partner with Disney and release a netbook for children, deemed the "Netpal." This little Disney netbook was available for purchase on Amazon and at Toys R Us stores back then for $349. Two color schemes were available for these devices: Princess Pink and Magic Blue. These devices had many parental control features and a lot of games and software tailored towards children to "make computing fun."[1]

Collection Specifics

My specific Disney Netpal is in the Magic Blue color scheme and appears to be the one from Toys R Us because of the 16 GB internal solid-state drive as opposed to the 160 GB hard drive that the models sold elsewhere contained.

Operating System

These Netpals originally shipped with Windows XP Home Edition in 2009, something many companies making netbooks did at this time due to Windows Vista's higher system requirements and bad stability reputation. Lots of Disney games and software came included with this Windows XP installation.


No hardware upgrades have been performed on this machine yet.


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