IBM ThinkPad 560

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IBM ThinkPad 560
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IBM ThinkPad 560
IBM ThinkPad 560
Product familyThinkPad
TypeLaptop computer
Release dateEarly/mid-1996
Introductory price$3,749
Operating systemWindows 95 Plus!, English
CPUIntel Pentium 121 @ 121 MHz
Memory24 MB (144-pin EDO)
Storage5.4 GB IBM Travelstar 4200RPM HDD
Display12.1 in (31 cm) 800x600
GraphicsTrident Cyber9385-D
Connectivity1 Floppy drive connector, 1 PC card slot, 2 Audio jacks, 1 VGA, 1 printer port, 1 serial port, 1 PS/2 port