IBM ThinkPad 560

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IBM ThinkPad 560
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IBM ThinkPad 560
IBM ThinkPad 560
Product familyThinkPad
TypeLaptop computer
Release dateMay 1996
Introductory price$3,749
Operating systemWindows 95 Plus!, English
CPUIntel Pentium 121 @ 121 MHz
Memory24 MB (144-pin EDO)
Storage5.4 GB IBM Travelstar 4200RPM HDD
Display12.1 in (31 cm) 800x600
GraphicsTrident Cyber9385-D
Connectivity1 Floppy drive connector, 1 PC card slot, 2 Audio jacks, 1 VGA, 1 printer port, 1 serial port, 1 PS/2 port

The IBM ThinkPad 560 was launched in May 1996 as a small, light, and compact laptop for the business market. It came with an Intel Pentium 100, 120, or 133 MHz CPU and Windows 95.

Collection Specifics

I bought this laptop for $60, plus $28 shipping from eBay in September 2020. As of February 2024, this is the oldest, fully functional computer currently in my collection.

Operating System

This laptop would've originally shipped with Windows 95. When I first got the laptop, the OEM IBM installation of Windows 95 was still present on the device, but unfortunately the hard drive was on its way out and I didn't get a chance to back up the installation before it died. Now, a retail copy of Windows 95 is installed because I was not able to find recovery media for this device.


The only hardware modification I've done to this machine is replacing the hard drive when it failed. Surprisingly, the battery still holds a charge for a little while.